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September 16, 2008 07:28PM
  • The forum has no rating but any post that might contain anything rated R or NC-17 must be visibly labeled at the top of the post with several line breaks between the rating and the content so anyone who doesn't want to see such content isn't forced to. Our Mods/Admins have the right to edit/remove anything we find overly offensive. We may send a warning PM first, so if you receive a PM from a Mod or Admin regarding your behavior, HEED THE WARNING. There may not be a 2nd one.
  • There will be minimal filtering as for language but as we want even the minor members to feel welcome here, tone it down. Excessive use or abuse of foul language will result in temporary or permanent ban. The same for excessive by-passing of the blacklisted words. The same goes for avatars. You can upload three of them (100x100, max. size 40kB per avatar) and as long as it's not vulgar, obscene, disgusting... (you catch the drift), you may use it. Sexy is good, erotic might be already a little overboard but obscene, offensive... is your one-way ticket to Hell.
  • The number of rules will be kept at the minimum (we don't want to throw loads of non-sense rules at you) but the few rules we'll have will be enforced strictly without any exceptions.
  • The forum is SPOILER-FREE except for Spoiler Forum. Read THIS post for information on Spoilers. And THIS post for how to use the Spoiler Vision tag on this forum.
  • Who's Hotter Polls and threads will be removed from the forum. Period. We all know Dean's the hot one and Sam's the smart one. (Just ask Dean. He'll tell you.)
  • Wincest is strictly NOT permitted on this forum. Slash of any kind is also NOT permitted. There are other sites that welcome this, many on Livejournal. Please go there if you feel the need to post this type of content.
  • Pairing the Winchesters (or Jensen and Jared) with anyone under 18 is NOT permitted (in posts, fanfics, images, etc).
  • (I will concede this one to Kripke, but the Rule remains. NO DISCUSSION of Sam/Ruby is allowed here. Like her/hate her/be indifferent to her, I don't care. You simply may not discuss "that" here. ~Mattie)
  • Castiel-Haters and Castiel-Lovers are both welcome on this board. Bashing of either group is NOT permitted on this forum. Debates are welcome. Arguments are not.
  • Act like a troll, expect to be treated like a troll (and banned).
  • Act like a smartass, you'll be treated like one.
  • Show up with an attitude, don't expect a warm reception (in Coyote Fugly or anywhere else on the forum).
  • Show Courtesy to this board, the Winchesters and fellow board members and you will be treated with Courtesy in return.
We currently allow users to upload up to three avatars, maximum size 100x100 pixels, 40KB per avatar. This is subject to change if space becomes an issue.

Users are permitted ONE image in their signature, maximum size 550x200 pixels (our thumbnail module will force it to this size if it's larger). Please see our FAQ for information on centering your signature image.

Images in posts are allowed as long as they follow our rules (nothing obscene, no wincest, etc). We have limited all image sizes to 550px wide by 200px high. Any image larger than this will be in a "thumbnail" to save space on the forum pages and (ideally) help the pages load more quickly. Thumbnails will be "clickable" to view the full size image.

Rules for Coyote Fugly: [www.rocksaltjournals.com]

Rules for Posting in the Avatar Arena: [www.rocksaltjournals.com]

Basic information and Rules for the Shifter Forums: [www.rocksaltjournals.com]

Privacy Policy
The RockSaltJournals.com Privacy Policy can be found here. Updates to our Rules and Privacy Policy may be changed at any time, without notice. Please read and follow all Rules and Announcements. If you have any questions, please contact us using the Contact link located at the bottom of the page or PM one of our Administrators or Mods.

Quoting (added: 19-01-10)
Please try not to leave a long quote trail in posts. The forum doesn't automatically delete quotes like CW so we found out that it bogs down our database and the text gets smaller and smaller. You can clean up quotes by removing [quote] [/quote ]
Having trouble with breaking quotes? If you're highlighting and deleting only part of a quote, make sure that you don't accidentally delete the brackets: [ ]

Text Colors (added: 19-01-10)
By special request from our Webmistress, please be courteous with your use of colored text. 1. Dark text on our dark background is extremely difficult to read. If we have to highlight it in order to read it, it's too dark! 2. We've discovered that some members read our forum using their cell phones, so customized colors are also difficult or impossible to read. By using the forums default colors, everyone should be able to read and enjoy the forum. We're not asking you not to use custom colors, just that you be considerate and use colors in moderation. Thank you.

The Complaint Department (added: 19-01-10)
Please read the First Post and THIS post before posting in the Complaint Department. The Complaint thread is provided as a courtesy and is a Privilege, not a Right. We ask our members not to take advantage of it, or use it as an excuse to "come up with" complaints just to post. That was not the intended purpose of the thread. If you have a question, please PM our Webmistress Mattie (NOT Dean) regarding the Complaint thread.

ADDENDUM TO THE RULES: [www.rocksaltjournals.com]

ADDENDUM TO THE RULES: [www.rocksaltjournals.com] ... and burn 11-P-4

Rules Updated: 14-11-08
Reason: Kripke screwed up

Updated: 05-05-09
Reason: Updated link to Coyote Fugly; Added Privacy Policy link

Updated 31-05-09
Reason: ADDENDUM To RULES Link added

Updated 09-10-09
Reason: ADDENDUM To RULES Link added

Updated: 19-01-10
Reason: New rules added

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Spoilers - What Are They?
October 19, 2008 06:19PM
Spoilers - What Are They?
I've seen many spoiler junkies wondering what is and isn't safe to post in spoiler-free zones (ie: all the sections outside the Spoiler Forum in these forums. Life does exist outside of spoilers :) ) This thread should answer those questions. The answers come directly from the source - Spoilerphobes themselves. We ask that everyone respect their wishes not to be spoiled, just as they respect spoiler junkies need for a Safe Haven to discuss them.

Spoilers and WHY we try to keep the forum "Spoiler-Free". Just like when you go to a movie and like to be surprised, some people like to watch the show without any prior knowledge of what will happen. No one likes the guy who sits in the back of the theater and shouts out what's about to happen. Surely no one here wants to BE that guy (or girl). Hopefully this thread will help.

Spoiler: Information about upcoming episodes. This includes any information from interviews, sides, episode descriptions, episode titles, commercials, previews, pics, guest stars, plots (both major and minor), you get the idea.

If it hasn't aired yet, it's a spoiler!

For our non-US board members, we also request that our Main Forum remain Spoiler Free for two days following a new episode. That means, when an episode airs on Thursday night, it will be safe for discussion on the entire forum Saturday night.

ALL information about the final episodes of Season 4 and upcoming Season 5 episodes IS a spoiler. Period. Information in interviews with Kripke and/or any of the other writers, stars, guest stars, etc IS NOT common knowledge and IS a Spoiler. Spoiler-phobes go out of their way to avoid these interviews and information, and it's only fair of the rest of us to respect them and put warnings on any discussions related to the upcoming season and episodes.

When is it not a spoiler? Speculation on what could happen that is not based on pre-knowledge from any of the above mentioned information; opinions; analysis of already-aired episodes - basically anything on episodes that have already aired; or statements that are based on personal opinions and speculations (again, this does not include statements based on pre-knowledge).

Examples from S2 Finale, AHBL, Part 2 (assuming that part 1 has already aired):
"Dean is going to sell his soul to bring Sam back from the dead!" SPOILER
"I think the reason Dean sells his soul is because he feels guilty over not saving Sam." SPOILER - Is stated as an opinion, but contains information based on pre-knowledge of the episode.
Thread titled: Dean and the Cross Roads Demon - SPOILER! Anyone who follows the show would be able to know what this means. This would be a MAJOR Spoiler.
"Sam Can't be dead! Dean's gotta find a way to save him somehow! What do you think he'll do?" - Not a spoiler. Contains speculation that Dean will save Sam, but doesn't reveal pre-knowledge of how he does it.
"Dean's going to sell his soul to bring Sam back. I saw a preview." SPOILER answer to the question.
"I read that Ellen and Bobby are both going to be in the finale. I think it's great that Ellen's coming back!" - SPOILER. Although minor, it contains information regarding guest stars, and that falls under the Spoiler Category. There has been speculation on whether this sort of information is considered Spoilery in the past, so I consulted actual Spoiler-Phobes on this one. Sandy as the cross-roads demon in Bedtime Stories; JDM's voice in Long Distance Caller - those were indeed Spoilers before the episodes aired.

Spoiler-Freak/Spoiler Junkie: Someone who seeks out spoilers and discusses them at length. Can be found living in Spoiler Threads and Forums and feeding off any and all Spoiler information they can get their hands on.

Spoiler-Phobe: The opposite of a Spoiler-Freak. Will go to great lengths to avoid anything resembling a spoiler. Spoiler-Phobes try to remain 100% Spoiler-Free by not reading interviews, sides, or viewing any commercial previews prior to watching the show. These are the people I'm trying to protect. They have a right to enjoy the show, complete with surprises, and not be disturbed by the guy in the back row shouting out what's going to happen.

Spoiler Thread/Forum: A thread or forum that is meant to discuss information on upcoming episodes. Our Spoiler Forum is located here: [www.rocksaltjournals.com] This is the safe haven for all Spoiler Junkies to discuss spoilers to their hearts content. If a Spoilerphobe wanders in here by mistake, You are not to blame for what they see/read.

Spoiler-Free Thread:The rest of the Rock Salt Journals forum is "spoiler free".

Spoiler Warning: If you must post spoilers elsewhere in this forum, please MARK your post and use spoiler vision to do so. NOT following this rule in other parts of the forum may get you banned from our forum.

Spoiler-Vision: What is it? Simply put, hidden text. In the case of this forum, we have a special Spoiler Vision tag just for this purpose. See the post below for how it works. Spoiler vision makes it possible to discuss pre-knowledge of an episode without worrying about it.

Sides: A Spoiler-Freak can correct here but sides are basically snippets of scripts for upcoming episodes. Please feel free to post sides and links to sides in this Spoiler Forum. If we hear of a situation similar to last year (Season 3), where entire scripts were leaked (our Admin never saw them, only heard it freaked the lawyers at the CW out), we will post a warning Sticky in the Spoiler Forum. Please realize that any and all material from sides and scripts is copyrighted material and we will abide by any requests if we are contacted to remove illegal materials from our forum.

Added to clarify about our "Spoiler Rules" for new members. We're really not trying to run anyone away. We just had many spoiler-phobes when we first started and our goal was to make our forum safe for anyone to come to and not feel they had to stay away. If you're one of the CW diaspora you may recognize that most of our "rules" have come from what we witnessed the mods doing wrong over there. (Banning without warning, for example.) Here's a little history on why we have this rule: http://www.rocksaltjournals.com/forum/read.php?22,29,15464#msg-15464

Edited 3 time(s). Last edit at 12/14/2011 05:52PM by Mattie.
How to use Spoiler Vision
October 19, 2008 06:20PM
How to use Spoiler Vision...
We get that conversations outside of the Spoiler Forum may bring up Spoilers from time to time. Rather than have you sit on your hands and not say anything, we have added a convenient, easy to use Spoiler Tag just for that purpose. (Inside the Spoiler Forum, use of this tag is not neccessary) Here's how it works:
The "eye" icon at the end of the menu on messages creates a special bbcode Spoiler Tag.

When you click on it, you will see a pop-up script prompt, asking for a Spoiler Title - DO NOT ADD SPOILER INFORMATION TO THE TITLE! THIS WILL BE THE VISIBLE LINK TO YOUR SPOILER!

This is the code that appears:
Spoiler text goes here! Not in the title!

Place your spoiler information inside the brackets (please, no formatting the spoiler to be sure it doesn't "break" the tag).
And there's your Spoiler!

To view it, all you have to do is click the link:

Spoiler Example:
If you use Spoiler Vision, we will not hold you responsible for Spoilerphobes clicking the Spoiler link in your posts. :)

Internet Explorer Users, you may get an extra warning at the top of the page for this (or any) of the menu format buttons:

Simply click the warning and click Temporarily Allow Scripted Windows, then click the menu button again.

If you do not see the pop-up or the warning when you click the menu, you may have disabled scripts in your browser.
avatar Re: RULES
May 31, 2009 09:06PM
If you think you have a problem with one of our administrators or mods, please send a PM to one of us or e-mail admin@rocksaltjournals.com rather than posting the issue publicly. If we find comments of this nature, from this point forward, they will be removed and the user notified as to the reason why. (The same goes for RUDE OR FOUL comments about other users as well.)

ADDENDUM TO THE RULES OF THE FORUM: Due to confusion on the rare occasions that we do actually need to edit/hide posts, our moderators have been asked to send a PM notifying users what was edited and the reason for editing. This is a courtesy that, to our knowledge, no other board or forum offers.

If we ever have to ban a user for any reason whatsoever, an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address associated with the account, letting the user know and giving them a "cooling off period". As always, trolls, spammers and bots will be promptly removed and the IP address permanently banned. If you have problems with your IP due to another user spamming the forum, e-mail admin@rocksaltjournals.com and we will try to resolve the problem.

AGAIN, we remind you, if you think you are having problems posting, notify one of the admins to the problem! We can't fix it if we don't know something is wrong.
avatar Re: RULES
October 09, 2009 02:30PM


This one's a simple rule for creating new threads EVERYWHERE in the forum:

You wanna create a thread, have a look if there isn't already one with the same topic, if not, go ahead and create one, if there is, post in the existing one and don't create a shifter one ( = a thread with the same topic - explanation for the less fortunate ones raspberry ).

I hate to break it to you, ladies, but I don't work well with shifters of any kind. So I'll see a shifter thread, I'll gank it. knife

And one last thing: Don't tell me that that "having a look" part would take too long. That's why we have a search function here. So really, learn to use it. raspberry

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avatar Re: RULES
January 30, 2010 11:03PM
New Rules added for the Complaint Department. The Complaint thread has been moved to a Members Only, MODERATED forum. You MUST be logged in to view the thread. New Rules for the Complaint Department have been added. Please read before posting.

Effective Jan 30, 2010
  • ALL posts will be moderated.
  • Bashing and hurtful comments are not allowed. This includes generalizing about a group of people.
  • The Complaint Department is NOT meant to be a soapbox or a platform for personal or political beliefs. In other words, this is not just a place to Rant.
  • Please do not turn your complaints against other members of this board, particularly ones who do respond to you.
  • Before posting a complaint, we require our members to READ "Hard Times, or the Power of Negative Thinking" (link below). NO EXCEPTIONS. How are you going to show that you've read the link? Discuss it in the thread. smiling smiley
  • Also before posting a complaint, I'm also going to require that the member has posted at least ONCE in the Happiness Newsletter (it must be something positive for yourself). This will be your reminder for yourself that there is always something good out there too.

Hard Times, or the Power of Negative Thinking

REMINDER: Please keep all complaints in the Complaint thread only. There's no need to drag them along with you. General bitchiness in other threads from this point forward will be removed.

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