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October 28, 2008 03:17AM
Questions. We know you have them. If you don't see your question listed, post them here and we'll answer the best that we can. :)

Please keep questions relating to the forum only. If you have a question for the Winchesters, check out Ask the Winchesters. (just remember to read John's rules first!) Please read through the FAQ or use our Search feature (yes! we have one!) before posting new questions. The full Forum FAQ can be found here: [www.rocksaltjournals.com]

General Forum Questions
  • How do I PM another user/read my PMs?
  • Where is the Control Center? What can I do there?
  • How can I add an Avatar to my profile?
  • How do I add a signature to my posts?
  • How do I use Spoiler Vision?
Rules and Guidelines
  • What are the rules and guidelines for the forum?
  • Why can't I (swear/start a who's hotter thread/post wincest)?
  • It's just a RP! Why can't I "drink" in Coyote Fugly if I'm under 21?
  • I posted a larger image in my post/signature but it shows up smaller on the forum than my original file. What gives?
  • How do I get the image in my post/signature to center on the page?
  • Can I use HTML on the forum?
  • What is BBcode?
The Winchesters
  • Who are Dean, Sam, John, etc?
  • I want to join your RP. Can I be (insert character)?
  • I sent a message for Jensen/Jared/Kripke/etc. Why haven't they responded to me?
The Bar
  • I heard that I can actually "see" the Bar, Coyote Fugly. Where is it and what can I do there?
  • Help! I'm stuck!

We apologize that the FAQ is currently under construction. If you see your question with no answer at the moment, please feel free to PM our Webmistress for help. If you do not see your question listed, or did not find the answer in a Search of the Forum, FAQ, Rules, and Announcements, please post it here.

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