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Avatar Arena Rules for Posting

Posted by Admin 
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Avatar Arena Rules for Posting
October 19, 2008 11:17AM
The following Rules for posting icons, avatars and wallpaper (and any other fan-based art) in this forum will be strictly enforced. Anyone caught not following these rules will be given a warning and the violating posts removed. Subsequent violations may result in getting banned from our forums.
  • All fanart must be your Own Original Art.
  • Use of Photoshop brushes, textures, patterns, etc, is allowed.
  • Posting of Obscene, Sexually Explicit, or otherwise Offensive art is NOT ALLOWED.
  • Wincest and/or Slash is NOT ALLOWED.
  • NO Spoilers! This means fanart using images for upcoming episodes. Please wait until after the episode has aired to post your art using these images.
  • Posting of fanart/art created by others Is Allowed IF:
  • The Original Artist is credited AND
  • Links to the original source given so our Moderators can confirm the identity of the Original Artist
    (this means NOT crediting someone else for artwork that is NOT their own)
  • Using someone else's fanart as a Base for your own art is NOT permitted
    (an example: using icons from various other artists to create a background image)
  • Do NOT claim copyright of any fan-based art. If you don't want other people to share it, don't bother posting it. You do NOT own the copyright to Supernatural or any other television show, movie, celebrity photo and so on. These belong to the networks, studios and photographers, respectively.
  • If you wish to use any of the fanart posted in our forum, please take a moment to let the Original Artist know AND give credit when using in other forums, on LJ, MS or elsewhere. Artists thrive on feedback. It's the air that we breathe.

Artists who create fanart, icons, wallpaper, etc do so out of their passion for the subject and can spend hours working on a single icon. Proper credit is a courtesy that we expect from our forum members. Feedback and thanks to the artists are genuinely appreciated by all.

Artists who wish to post here may include their own list of rules for crediting (name to credit, etc) as long as they do not conflict with forum rules. Non-fanbased art is also allowed, and may be copyrighted by the Artist IF: the work is 100% original; it does NOT use PS brushes/patterns created by someone else; it does not include any portion of a screenshot, photograph, artwork or anything belonging to another Artist. All artwork posted here MUST be for others to use and share. If you have Original (non-fanbased) Art "not for others' use", please post it in our Art Gallery instead.

Rules of the Avatar Arena subject to change as I think of them. Please check here before posting for any updates.

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