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Kripke Speaks! Season 6 Spoilers

Posted by Mattie 
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avatar Kripke Speaks! Season 6 Spoilers
July 15, 2010 02:53PM
For the first time since S5 ended, I actually have hope about S6. EW just posted this interview with EK regarding S6 and why he stepped down. It contains some major (YES, they're considered major around here!!!) spoilers so I'm putting discussion of the article in the spoiler forum.


I admit from the time I read the description of S6, I became even more leary. "Demons and angels roaming the earth..." yadda yadda... I know that Supernatural angels were generally the bad guys, but with the apocalypse over, why is it supposedly a BAD thing that angels walk among us??? The apocalypse is over. IMO, everything and every character (yes, I mean what that sounds like) related to it should be gone too. We had demons before that whole mess, so having Crowley back is fine. Looks like they do plan to clear up Bobby's "deal", so that's one less plot hole. The rest can go.

If they plan to start turning MoW episodes into a full-blown arc, I think that would be AWESOME! I'd love to see Lenore come back as a result of that. And Kripke WILL be writing AND directing!!! yahoo hot smiley

Finally some real hope for a decent S6 after 2 disappointing seasons that left me not wanting to watch again. oops

Not sure yet how I feel about the return of Grandpa Campell. Love the actor, but "what's dead should stay dead".

On an side note: the Ausiello "spoiler" about Lisa and Ben was a JOKE. Geez people are gullible. eye rolling smiley Everything else Ausiello revealed, we already knew at the end of S5. Yeah, Dean's with Lisa, yeah there will be angst when he has to leave people he cared about enough to want to make sure they were safe if the apocalypse happened. That's kind of a given.

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Re: Kripke Speaks! Season 6 Spoilers
July 20, 2010 03:55PM
Have to disagree on that, the last two seasons left me very satisfied, I count the fourth season as the best beside season one. Good drama. Sorry that you thought they were bad-believe me you missed alot disliking the past two seasons!

LOL I also was confused by the spoiler, I mean I love the idea of Lisa and Dean together but them living happily ever after....that's not "supernaturalish", something's way off ha! Too good to be true.

Anyways, I'm also glad that they are sticking with the angels, looks like there will be alot more good angels now that Cas is cleaning up Heaven, so finally good angels not bad ones! At least I hope.

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