Rock Salt Journals Forum FAQ

If you don't see your question listed here, post it in the FAQ thread and we'll try to answer it if we can. Please keep questions relating to the forum only. If you have a question for the Winchesters, check out Ask the Winchesters. (just remember to read John's rules first!)

General Forum Questions
Q: How do I PM another user/read my PMs?
Q: Where is the Control Center? What can I do there?
Q: How can I add an Avatar to my profile?
Q: How do I add a signature to my posts?
Q: How do I use Spoiler Vision?
A: We have a special Spoiler Vision BBcode tag: [spoiler=Spoiler title]Spoiler text goes here.[/spoiler]
For more detailed instructions on using Spoiler Vision in our forum, please see this post in our General Forum Rules:,22,56#msg-56
Rules and Guidelines
Q: What are the rules and guidelines for the forum?
A: The Rules for the forum can be found here:,22

Announcements will be posted if there are any updates to our rules. Check the top of the Main Forum ( for updates and Announcements.

Q: Why can't I (swear/start a who's hotter thread/post wincest)?
A: We're limiting the swearing, or anything R/NC-17 rated because we know we have younger members on our forum. If you wish to post anything with a higher rating, we ask that you include a rating At the Top of your post and include sufficient space between the rating and the content so anyone who doesn't wish to read it doesn't have to. We prefer that you link to the higher rated fanfiction rather than post it on our board. Our Mods/Admins reserve the right to remove/edit inappropriate content on our forums.
Excessive use or abuse of foul language, or posting anything vulgar or obscene will result in temporary or permanent ban. Our goal is to keep the forum 'clean' and still not limit our members. If we have to include a rating here, we will. It's up to you.

Anything involving wincest or pairing the brothers with someone under 18 is inappropriate for this forum (and in the latter case, illegal). There are other forums/sites where they welcome such content.

"Who's Hotter/Shipper" threads/polls may be fine on other forums or for other shows, but that isn't what the Winchesters are about. We don't believe in putting the brothers against each other or separating them. Besides, we all know Dean's the hot one and Sam's the smart one.

Q: It's just a RP! Why can't I "drink" in Coyote Fugly if I'm under 21?
A: Simply put, the proprietor of Coyote Fugly (and our Webmistress) has made the decision not to condone illegal activity. The show is based in the U.S. and Coyote Fugly is run from Texas, where the legal drinking age is 21.

Q: I posted a larger image in my post/signature but it shows up smaller on the forum than my original file. What gives?
A: We have limited all image sizes to 550px wide by 200px high. Any image larger than this will be in a "thumbnail" to save space on the forum pages and (ideally) help the pages load more quickly.

Q: How do I get the image in my post/signature to center on the page?
A: We recommend not centering images within posts. The thumbnail module used on our forum causes images to "float" outside of formatted text. The best way to center an image in your signature is to use an html table set to the width of your image and center the table. If you are unsure how to do this, contact me and I'll be happy to help you out. ~Mattie

<table width="550" align=center><tr><td> [IMG] image url here [/IMG] </td></tr></table>

Q: Can I use HTML on the forum?
A: Yes, but we prefer that you stick with the provided BBcode (the editor toolbar). HTML in posts can affect how the board looks/works. While I don't mind cleaning up code once in a while, if it's something I have to do very often I will have to disable the HTML feature (something this Webmistress does NOT want to have to do.) ~ Mattie

Q: What is BBcode?
A: If you've been on other bulletin board type forums, you may have used BBcode before.

BBCode is short for Bulletin Board Code. It is used as a way for formatting posts made on message boards, blogs and more. It is similar to HTML in the sense that in BBCode one does also use tags to format something specific (contained within the tag). In BBCode tags are indicated by rectangular brackets surrounding a keyword, which is in turn transformed into HTML before being delivered to a web browser.

The following BBcode tags all work with the Rock Salt Journals Forum. We prefer that you use BBcode formatting over HTML as it is less likely to 'break' the forum layout.

BBcode examples

[b]bold text[/b]

[i]italic text[/i]






Font Color
[color=#FF0000]Use color choices in menu[/color]

Font Sizes

Named Web site link
[url=]Rock Salt Journals[/url]


E-mail link with Subject line
[email subject=Forum][/email]

Horizontal Rule (line)

Bulleted List
[*] Item 1
[*] Item 2

Quote Box
[quote=Dean]Quoted text[/quote]

Centered Text (does not work on images!)

Special BBcode Tag! SPOILERS!
[spoiler=Spoiler title]Spoiler text goes here.[/spoiler]

The Winchesters
Q: Who are Dean, Sam, John, etc?
A: We can tell you who they are NOT. They are not Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, or anyone affiliated with the TV show, Supernatural. Dean and Sam are... well, Dean and Sam.

Q: I want to join your RP. Can I be (insert character)?
A: The short and simple answer, No. This is a different kind of RP. We ask only that you be yourself, have fun and chat. We have had negative experiences with people attempting to be demons/shapeshifters/hunters, etc, so we try to limit such activity in our new forum. It makes an unpleasant experience for all when someone grabs and threatens another member just to get the Winchester's attention. As is stated in Coyote Fugly, "This is not a hunter's bar, this is not the Roadhouse and this is not the place for planning hunts. This is simply a place to hang out and relax. Show up with an attitude and you will be shown the door." And in case you weren't paying attention and haven't figured it out yet, Dean doesn't like "tough chicks."

Q: I sent a message for Jensen/Jared/Kripke/etc. Why haven't they responded to me?
A: As has been stated many times throughout the forum and FAQ, Dean and Sam are NOT Jensen and Jared. We are not in any way affiliated with the TV show, Supernatural. Please do not send PMs, e-mails, or messages telling them what great actors they are, how much you love the show, how in love with THEM you are, etc, etc. We have no way of forwarding your message along to the actors or the show.
The Bar
Q: I heard that I can actually "see" the Bar, Coyote Fugly. Where is it and what can I do there?
A: The bar is located here,, and is part of an ARG on our site. It's a Flash site requiring Flash Player 9. The bar is fully interactive and constantly changing so feel free to have a look around.
Q: What's an ARG? How is it different than RP?
A: As Dean would say, "research it." (but we'll help you out a little)
Q: Do I have to be a member of the forum to participate in the ARG? (and vice versa, do I have to participate in the ARG to be a member of the forum?)
A: To answer the 2nd question first, no, it is not necessary to participate in the ARG to be a forum member. However, only by solving the codes and tasks will you be able to access certain features of the Bar. If you wish to participate in the ARG, we strongly recommend that you become a forum member (you may be missing some things if you don't ;) ).
Q: Do I have to play a character to participate in the ARG?
A: If you did your research, you know that, no, we do not require participants to "play" a character. As in the forum, simply be yourself.
Q: How do I join the ARG? Are there prizes?
A: Current and past tasks, codes, quizzes, etc are posted in the forum. (You may have to research to find them all.) At this time there is no set time limit for solving the tasks, however at least one task that was started on the CW Lounge did require participants to follow instructions from the beginning of the task. You may join simply by participating actively in the tasks provided (we will mark any as CLOSED for future reference if we so choose) or follow along as you desire.

There may be prizes awarded for future tasks. Active participation will be required to win any prizes. Monetary prizes are not an option for us at this time (hey, we're poor too!)
Q: Help! I'm stuck!
A: You should be able to access the main Bar from anywhere on the Flash site. Some areas are only accessible to ARG participants by solving certain tasks and codes. A tip: If you've been caught under a Devil's Trap, you may need to perform an exorcism to break free. Other areas may require certain moves before you can go back - turning off lights before leaving a room, for example. We are trying to conserve energy, after all. :)

(note: In some cases, our Webmistress has discovered that the Loader bar "freezes" upon returning to a previously visited page. This appears not to be a code problem, but a problem with Net connections and IE caching. In IE, clear your cache [Tools/Internet Options/Delete Files] and return to the page and it should solve the problem.)

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